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Sakura Pink Flavor (by yocca)


Sakura Pink Flavor (by yocca)

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get to know me » favorite friendships [2/10]
↳ sawako, ayane and chizuru (kimi ni todoke)
"did you know? without realizing it … we were already friends!

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Yeah, bear with my stress. My posts are going to be… funny…

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I’ve to start my last year project, something to do with tourism, and I wanted to create a halal hotel but I’m not sure anymore. And I only have two months or so to find other ideas (and I’ve two other small projects to do and…)
Ughhh… someone, kill me, please.

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I love that moment when you have called all your friends to go out and do something, and all of are tired or studying, and now you go to check twitter to find out that they are doing stuff with their other friends.

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Katrina jumper skirt

comes in ; ivory/pink/mint & black

Length: about 92cm
Bust: about 88~110cm
Waist: about 78~100cm

price ; 36,504 yen

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"text me when you get home so i know you’re safe" kinda people are the people i wanna be around

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